Widely acknowledged as one of Robert A. Heinlein's greatest works, The Moon Is a Harsh Mistress rose from the golden age of science fiction to become an undisputed classic—and a touchstone for the philosophy of personal responsibility and political freedom. A revolution on a lunar penal colony—aided by a self-aware supercomputer—provides the framework for a story of a diverse group of men and women grappling with the ever-changing definitions of humanity, technology, and free will—themes that resonate just as strongly today as they did when the novel was first published.

"One of my favorite books, and I note it, is The Moon Is a Harsh Mistress. And in it, Robert Heinlein, he writes about a bunch of Loonies—basically Libertarians that live on the moon that believe in making their own way, and their motto is, There ain’t no such thing as a free lunch!"

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